On Sunday the 18th November 2018 illegal settlers from the Yekir illegal settlement attacked Palestinian residents. On the western side of the town of Deir Istiya in Salfeet.                                        The experience of one family. “Three years ago, the Israeli army broke into the house and turned it into a military post for days, and the soldiers threatened us to leave it. They shouted, ‘Look, this house is not enough,’ but we remained steadfast despite We live in fear and psychological instability. “On a daily basis, in the evening, a number of settlers gathered in the outer courtyard of the house. They open Hebrew songs loudly and stay on until the early hours of the morning. This is accompanied by dancing, singing and the sound of their screams, which causes us “In the morning, the square is full of bottles of whiskey and wine, and I remove and throw them. In addition, they curse us and threaten us with death.” “The constant attacks against us did not stop but tried to kidnap my daughter while she was playing outside the house. When I heard her scream, I ran towards her,” she said. I began to scream as people rallied and were evacuated from the settler. Since that day, fear has overtaken us. My fear for my children has increased and are not allowed to play outside the house for fear of their lives.” Two months ago, my husband started building a store for building tools near the house, the cost of digging and building the bases was about fifty thousand shekels, and The illegal settlers bulldozers demolished it and prevented it from completing it, even though it has a building permit issued.                               


On Wednesday  the 7th November 2018 the Israeli occupation forces handed over four notices to stop the construction of a home and three sheds in the town of Zawiya, west of Salfit.

According to the mayor of Al-Zawiyeh Na’im Shukair, the notices included three properties belonging to Iyad Choucair, Bashir Noureddine, Izz Allah Hussein and a home under construction by Abdullah Abdel Halim in the western part of the town.


Illegal settlers attacked the village of Marda on Monday morning  they also wrote racist slogans anddamaged the tires of a number of vehicles in the village of Marda, north ofSalfeet.

The Olive Harvest season began in Salfit during October 2018. The suffering of farmers began with the occupation, to reach their land. Attached is a video of daily suffering where ID cards are checked by Israeli soldiers, farmers wait for hours to allow them to enter or exit the fence

Illegal settlers destroy a Palestinian farmer olive trees


The IDF murdered a young man from Bidya,  Elias Yassin (22 years) from the town of Bidia west of Salfeet

The family confirmed that the Israeli soldiers opened fire on him while he crossed the street near Hares village, west of Salfeet.


Illegal settlers stoned vehicle near the Za’tara checkpoint,  hitting the woman in the head, leading to her death. Aisha Mohammedal-Rabi, 47 was murdered. And they also wounded her husband, Yaqob, Rabbi (fromBidya )


Illegal settlers from the Brokhin settlement built on Bruqin village. Dozens of olive trees west of the town were cut down.

The farmer said that the settlers from “Brokhin “They cut about 40 olive trees between the ages of 2 and 20 years in the western part of the town. Salameh added, “I planted the land with, with olive trees in 1987,  200 trees,  and I have taken care of them until they were fruitful, but the occupation aspires to annex them in order to expand the
Brokhin settlement on our lands.”

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